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Zacharias Frankel: Defiant Jewish Educator

Zacharias Frankel: Defiant Jewish Educator, is a profound work by emerging historian, writer, Rabbi Rebecca Kushner, MSJE. Rabbi Kushner has translated the primary sources on her own by delving into archival texts, many of which are appearing here in English for the very first time.
The book effectively explores the underlying challenges of defining a meaningful religious life in increasingly secularized surroundings. The book enlightens and edifies the reader regarding Frankel’s defiant yet determined life trajectory, his professional choices, and his remarkable legacy.

"One of the towering giants of a Judaism finding its voice in modernity, Zacharias Frankel shaped a Judaism that integrated classical practice and unfettered questioning, opening a path for countless questing souls to follow. At last he has a biographer who gets him his mission. Thanks to Rabbi Rebecca Kushner for making his wisdom available in a time that desperately needs it."

-Rabbi Dr. Bradley Shavit Artson

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