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Nussach Made Easy: Volume I - The Friday Night Service

R' Oren Z Steinitz PhD  (Author), 

Amnon Seelig (Editor)

The knowledge of Nussach – the various scales, modes, and patterns that are used in traditional improvised Jewish liturgical music – was once widespread, and most synagogue-attending Jews would have easily recognized the different modes and patterns used in their own communities to convey the different moods of the yearly Jewish cycle. However, in light of the general decline in Jewish literacy, as well as the “professionalization” of Jewish prayer leadership, fewer and fewer synagogue-going Jews now possess these skills.This volume presents clear, easy to read arrangements of the Friday Night Ashkenazi Nussach, commonly used in North America and Israel, adapted to the texts of the siddurim used in the non-Orthodox world. Several variations are presented for most sections, allowing beginner Ba’alei T’filah to mix-and-match these building blocks, and gain confidence in creating their own personal style.

Recordings to accompany this book are available on this website for purchasers. Check out the "Nussach Recordings" tabs!

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