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המוציא | Hamotzi Press

Hamotzi Press is an independent Jewish publisher, specializing in helping exceptional authors share their words with the public and publish our titles in paperback, hardcover, and ebook format.

כותרים | Available Titles

Discover Something New You’ll Love

Siddur Boker Tov: Morning Service for Hebrew School Students (Hebrew Edition)

R' Oren Z. Steinitz PhD  (Author)

Yael Steinitz (Illustrator)


Megillat Esther: Including a Complete Evening Service (Hebrew Edition)


Nussach Made Easy: Volume I - The Friday Night Service

R' Oren Z Steinitz PhD  (Author), 

Amnon Seelig (Editor)


Who by Plague
High Holy Day Sermons from COVID19 times

R' Oren Z. Steinitz, PhD (Editor
R' Joshua Lesser (Forward)

Cover Covid 2.jpg

Zacharias Frankel: Defiant Jewish Educator

Rebecca Kushner

frankel book cover3 Page 01 Snapshot 01.png

Jewish Liturgy: A Guide for Everyone

Abbe Lyons

abbe cover  - final_Page_1.png

The Seven Minute Shacharit
A Workout for the Soul

R' Oren Z. Steinitz PhD  (Author)

SMS cover1_Page_1.png

המו"ל | Meet The Publisher

Rabbi Dr. Oren Z. Steinitz

Rabbi Dr. Oren Z. Steinitz serves as the spiritual leader of Congregation Kol Ami in Elmira, NY. He was ordained in 2014 at the Mesifta Adas Wolkowisk Rabbinical Academy, and is a member of OHALAH Association of Rabbis for Jewish Renewal. In 2020, after years of studying the laws of conversion to Judaism and Jewish divorce (gittin) he received a second ordination as Dayan - adjudicator of Jewish Law -  from Rabbi Daniel Siegel and ALEPH Canada's Integral Halacha Institute.

In 2014 Rabbi Steinitz completed his doctorate at the University of Calgary‘s Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (Religious Studies, Communications and Israel Studies), researching the attitude towards the “Other” in Jewish and Islamic legal websites. In addition, he holds BA and MA degrees from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel). His fields of expertise include the history of Jewish-Muslim relations; modern Jewish fundamentalism; Jewish and Islamic Law; and the religious online world.


For more information about Oren's academic work, including links to his publication, please visit his page.


To contact Rabbi Oren please email him at


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